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ALL ITEMS LISTED FOR SALE ON THIS SITE ARE PRE-OWNED. However, their condition may often be excellent and little different to new; at very competitive prices.

All items are sold subject to the description given on this site; the description includes any photographs on the listing. Please read the description, and study the photographs, carefully.

To ensure consistent description of items we use the following terms to describe condition:

As New – as it says! An item which has only been out the box for testing and inspection. Otherwise unused and in original packaging.

Excellent – a lightly used item which remains in very good condition; no noticeable damage to parts or finish. If a locomotive, will be in full working order. If boxed, will be in original packaging.

Good – used items which have no major damage to parts or finish and remains in a presentable and usable condition; any minor defect will be noted or visible in photograph. If a locomotive, will be fully functional and run well. If boxed, may not be the original packaging.

Fair – well used items; basically complete and usable, but may have parts missing (which will be noted or visible in photographs). May have damage to finish (for example scratches and / or fading). If a locomotive, will be in working order but may have some worn parts or be an erratic runner – the listing will normally explain. If boxed, may not be the original packaging.

Spares / Repair – an item which is not complete and / or not functional. May have major damage or missing a key component; the listing or photographs will often show this. If a locomotive then NOT in working order. These items are intended for use as spare parts or for repair.

Note that the condition description primarily refers to the item itself, not the packaging. Boxes may have damage and / or marks. Please contact us if the condition of the packaging is important to you.

Wherever possible we use the original manufacturers catalogue number in our listings; this is to aid our customers in finding items. Some items were manufactured over very long periods of time and may have had differing catalogue numbers over that period. Therefore item packaging may occasionally have a different catalogue number to that shown on the site. If this is important to you please contact us before ordering.

We do our very best to provide an appropriate level of information – if a particular feature of a model is important to you, but not mentioned or shown in the listing then please contact us for clarification.

It sometimes happens (rarely!) that our customers know more about a particular model than we do. We are always happy to learn about errors in our description, or special features some releases of items may have had – please contact us to discuss (and please don't assume that something not mentioned in the listing will be present in the actual model!)

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