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If you can't find the answer you need here then contact us and we'll respond as quickly as possible

What are the payment options?

BUYING FROM US: Pay by credit or debit card, or Pay-Pal. We can also take payment by direct bank transfer; please contact us to arrange this. In some cases we may be able to hold items for personal collection by cash payment at an event we are attending - please contact us to discuss.

SELLING TO US: We'll make offers on any items offered and will make payment by an agreed method; this may be through Pay-Pal, bank transfer, or cash on collection. 

Why does the website only offer one standard delivery option?

Our aim is to keep things simple (and, in so doing, keep our overheads to a minimum and prices low). Our standard delivery on items bought from us aims for 3-5 business days delivery (normally by Royal Mail, but we use other carriers when necessary). We are happy to use any other specific service , but please contact us before ordering to make sure we can meet your needs.

If you are selling to us, we'll discuss options for getting items to us at the time we agree to buy.

I've bought something and want to return it - what do I do?

I have a Hornby Railway / Train set - which items are compatible with it?

Unless otherwise clearly stated, all items for sale on this website are OO gauge and fully compatible with Hornby systems (irrespective of the manufacturer). This means all rolling stock can run with Hornby locos and on Hornby track - and vice versa.

Why do you only buy & sell British outline OO Gauge items?

Our expertise is in British outline OO models; we have a very long interest in that scale and many years experience using (and buying & selling) items from the various ranges available. We can therefore make offers to buy quickly, and have a good understanding of competitive sale prices for OO gauge items. We prefer to concentrate on what we know! 

However if you have a large collection, including a few items of different scales (or continental subjects) then do contact us; we will look at making an offer anyway.

Also note that it is British Outline items we are interested in; we are very much interested in British outline items made by non-UK manufacturers (which, lets face it, is the vast majority of manufacturers these days!).

The sale prices seem very low - what's the catch?

There is no catch! We have very low overheads so keep our sale prices right down to keep our stock moving. 

All items were offer for sale are pre-owned, but many are as-new (we have a lot of ex-shop stock) - please read the descriptions and see our item description policy HERE

Why do we not list all stock on our website?

Simple answer - lack of time! We prefer to sell on this website as the costs for doing so are lower, and we can therefore offer much better prices. However, we are buying and selling stock all the time, and it moves very quickly. We often simply don't have time to list items on our website. We do aim to get as much as possible on there, and concentrate on items in good, excellent or as new conditions. However, if you are looking for specific item please contact us - we'll always respond and let you know if we have what you are looking for; we'll also let you know should we come across the item for a period afterwards.

Why are our prices higher on EBay?

Another simple answer - Ebay's fees! They charge us over 15%  for items sold through their site. We have no problem with that, but (as our profit margins are very small) we have to include it in the prices we offer on Ebay. We much prefer to sell on this website, where that fee does not apply and we can offer much lower prices. However Ebay is a very quick way of reaching a large audience and to keep stock moving we have to use it. If you see something listed by us on Ebay, which does not sell, then email us direct and we'll gladly list it on this site to allow purchase at the lowest possible price.

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